Build for field data collecting

Our mobile apps is created for field data collecting to replace papers uses.

  • Can work with or without internet access.
  • Use more then 10 type questions such as text, photo input, GPS, Video, tracking, selection, date, QR code and many more.
  • Easily to update survey & jobs from admin
  • Low memory usage (5 Mb)
  • Surveyor grouping
*available for business client only

We turn your data into something insightful.

From our dashboard you can create survey, monitor data & your surveyor so you can make best decision based on data collected on the field.

  • Create & update field survey realtime.
  • Download your data in excel or CSV.
  • Monitor daily performance of your surveyor
  • Publish or take open Data set.
  • Build survey from our template.
  • Generate mapping visualization based on your Data.*
*available for business client only

DataHub Features

We assist your field collecting data to next level and make sure you get high quality Data:

Offline/ Online Mode

Data can collected with limited/ without internet access.

Realtime Data

Get data report realtime when field team sync the Data.

KPI Monitoring

Monitor your team performance daily to make sure everything is on the road.

High quality data capture

Use more then 20 component of question such as text, number, photo, QR code, GPS tracking and many more.

Start Your Data Collecting Today

Get started to field data collect, build your survey in this website and assign your survey with our apps below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have question see in this section.

Its free services, you can create account for free and start to build survey, in free licence your data will become public/ open data so other user can collaborate and acess your data. If you want to make it private or acess our premium feature upgrade your licence.
Your data will become private and only you and your organization can access. For now you can freely upgrade your account without paid.
Yes you can, please call us in +6281214584495 to talk more about it.
You can contact us by email in [email protected] or call us in :
  • +6285724563975